I am Mark Connor, a joint founding member of a paraNORMAL research investigation team called Scottish Ghost Adventures. From the outset, I do not claim to be an academic of sciences, rather I consider myself to be a humble observer, experiencer, researcher, investigator and seeker of theoretical possibilities. I set up The Para-Researchers Journal as a side project comprising of investigators, influencers, groups, organisations and various specialists associated to paranormal research “taking on the bigger picture of possibilities, creating a wider understanding of investigative, experimental ghost research approaches,” and covering many layered aspects of differing specialist fields on paraNORMAL studies.

Throughout the years I have been subconsciously guided into an equilibrium of interest from the molecular, physical and spiritual realms to the conduit sciences of possibility in our consciousness evolution matrix. I’m personally influenced by inquisitive purpose, intuition, experiences, a strong connection and belief of universal consciousness, and therefore, my aspiration to accumulate all evidence and further understanding with an open-minded, critical thinking ethos towards the known and unknown that surrounds all psychological, metaphysical, cosmic and quantum possibilities.

“I’ve certainly had experiences in the past that have left me in absolute awe and intrigue. I believe in universal consciousness/energies, with SGA becoming an extension of my own evolutionary consciousness understanding, intuitions and further aspiration to research wider perceptions and to understand the unexplained.”

THIS PROJECT aims to take on the bigger picture of possibilities which creates wider understanding of investigative, experimental, theoretic ghost research approaches, including a collation of pseudoscience, neuroscience, physics, anomalistic psychology, progressive universal concepts, scientific, metaphysical, parapsychology and other specialist field based theories that examine the enigma and mechanics of life after death through combining additional, collective physical research findings, supplementary first-hand documentation, consciousness studies and the evolution of perceived cosmic energies and Psi events.

There are many things that shape our worlds. Each individual experiencing different subtle perspectives, like a ray of sunlight shining through a glass vase on a windowed ledge. The illuminated prism of a rainbow coloured art form casting translucent lights on the dimensional existence beyond it, and from differing angles we see its contrasting elements on a plethora of multicolored levels. Individually we are unique, our auras shining brighter beyond our own physical existence as it nurtures wherever we go and further like a spectacular aurora borealis. The oneness of the universe and its laws of attraction, chemistry, physics, biology, psychology, art and philosophy, open to those who inquire about purpose of existence, who seek richness not in wealth but in empowerment of self* and the age old search for spiritually belonging to something much, much bigger than ourselves. Some find it in religion, but others, find it in self-awareness and the realisation of each individual being connected as one incomprehensible entity and energy without prejudice. Most will find and understand its likeness more prominently in the oneness of love by belief of heart, sharing, trusting and giving of everything they are intimately, emotionally and unconditionally to the unique person they affectionately or genetically connect with on a deeper primordial, spiritual, personal level, and without thought for our own physical life in exchange for the preservation of theirs, or to wider humanity and nature itself.



SCOTTISH Ghost Adventures is an integral piece of that jigsaw for me, in opening up an extension of field based research and encompassing a wider understanding and knowledge beyond our scientific (nothing is certain) and suppressed, ancient spiritual understanding, in addition to my own apparent and intriguing paraNORMAL ‘experiences’. I also possess an awakening, compelling, guiding light that motivates me and I simply, and intuitively, have to investigate where this pilgrimage will lead to and why. I created The Para-Researchers Journal led from within to aspire, inspire and share my journey, experiences and resources with like-minded individuals.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~Nikola Tesla

I was born with an insatiable curiosity to defy what is given and see other possibilities for what I think is commonly thought. I am an emergent definition constructed out of things I keep learning.

Welcome to my blog.

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You can also find me personally on Twitter @mark_sga

*Not to be confused with selfishness; for ones own advantage, pleasure, welfare or regardless of others.